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Saturday, June 30, 2018

The Spot (Part 1)

The locals would warn tourists not to visit, but it almost seemed like all that warning just drew people there even more. John had heard about that the spot would have a profound efect on a person but details were vague; previous visitors could only explain that it was magical and part of the magic made you unable to tell anyone what happened there. They shared the locals view that the place should be avoided; John didn’t listen.

It was just off the road. You parked on the side and walked up a small hill. John’s heart raced as he climbed, wondering what would happen at the top. He wasn’t alone. Several other people ignored all warning to figure out the mysterious spot. And when he reached the top, a strange flash of light engulfed them all.

A few seconds later, he found himself looking at his own face. Looking down, he saw he now had the body of a voluptuous woman.

His former body spoke first, “What happened?”

John replied, “We just --”

He knew they had swapped bodies, but he couldn’t say it. The words just couldn’t leave his lips. Sure enough, if he tried to warn anyone else, he’d be unable to explain what happened.

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  1. good star mysterious, like that they can'nt tell anyone