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Friday, October 11, 2019

Dear Sucker

Larry was feeling pretty good about his plan. He had used the body swapper he had invented to steal a woman’s body, then sent a letter demanding a $10,000 ransom if she wanted it back with a meeting place and time. He figured the police would think she was crazy if she went to them; nobody thought body swapping was even possible. It was easy money to fund any other inventions he might imagine.

He arrived early and waited. But then the meeting time passed, then an hour or so passed. Larry couldn’t imagine the flaw in his plan. Then a kid came by and told him a man said to give him a note.

Larry read it:
Dear Sucker, I don’t know why you’d ever want to steal a woman’s body, but good luck being me. You have no idea the disadvantages you’ll face with your new gender. You think I’m going to pay you $10K to go back to who I was? Forget it. Have fun.

Larry sat and pondered. This was a setback, but he still had his device. He could swap with anyone who might be a little more eager to stay themselves.

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