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Thursday, October 31, 2019

Reverse Zombie

The virus first starting infecting people around September. People would seemingly die and come back to life craving the flesh of other humans. Dr. Gustavo Diaz hated the term “zombie,” but that’s what everyone was calling the infected. Many had been working on a cure, but Gustavo was taking a different approach, he theorized a vaccine.

With an infected young woman on the table in his lab, he extracted her DNA and began the study it. She growled and snapped at him, but she was tied down tight. He was able to create a single dose of the vaccine, and he wondered who to test it on. However, his choices were quickly dwindled once he realized his lab was surrounded by infected people. There was only one person he could test it on: himself.

Nervously, he injected the needle in his arm. He began to wonder how he would know it would work? Then something strange happened as his body transformed. He looked eerily similar to the woman on his table -- well, like she did when she was alive. But being a woman was the last thing on his mind. Gustavo also had a craving for flesh, but he desired to eat the flesh of the infected. He couldn’t help himself as he bit into the woman at his table.

He was shocked at what he had done. He briefly thought he had turned himself into the same type of monster as the infected, but he still seemed to have his ability to speak and think. He had no cravings for the flesh of the living for sure. Then he looked out his lab window to see the infected desperate to get inside. He knew he was a different kind of monster entirely, and he was one that was ready to feast on the flesh of those zombies...

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