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Saturday, October 5, 2019

Life Saving (Part 3)

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After several months of psychological evaluation and physical therapy, Seth was allowed to walk around the grounds of the hospital. He often went to the parking garage wearing clothes his wife had given him. It was still all so strange -- to be someone else, and not only that, but to be someone so much different from who he had been, who he still considered himself to be.

Seth realized his steps were getting shaky. He looked down to orient himself. It was one of the side effects of the transplant. If he got too distracted, he could lose track of some pretty basic things. Walking was one of them. His feet just often didn’t hit the way he expected them too. Some of that blame he placed on the boots his wife had brought him -- though they were certainly better than the heels she was encouraging him to wear. His next steps were taken carefully as he looked down, back to his task at hand of walking around with this weird, foreign body.

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