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Sunday, October 6, 2019

En Pointe

It all began as a joke when Adam found the ballet slippers with his girlfriend. They both laughed as he struggled to put them onto his feet, but they stopped laughing when the slippers laced themselves up and Adam couldn’t take them off. Then his body transformed into that of a dainty woman and his clothes morphed into a ballet outfit. And to top it all off, it seemed he could only walk on his tiptoes, just like a ballerina. He begged his girlfriend for help. She just asked, “Who are you?”

He tried to protest, telling her she just saw him transform right in front of her eyes. She just looked at him like he was crazy and ran off. She had been there! She had seen everything, but it was like this is how things always had been and she had no knowledge of what just happened!

Adam discovered he could change out of the ballerina outfit and into regular clothes, but the slippers were stuck firmly on his feet with no way off. To make matters worse, he couldn’t stand or walk in anyway but on his tiptoes. The only reprieve he got from the painful experience of always being en pointe was when he sat down. This was all like some sort of nightmare curse of these damned shoes.

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