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Saturday, October 12, 2019

Two Times?

Describing James as a scrawny nerd would be accurate; it’d even be how he’d describe himself. And when he arrived on Exchange Island for vacation, he couldn’t have been more delighted with the body he ended up in -- a bodybuilder type man with huge muscles, an Adonis type guy. He couldn’t believe he’d be spending the next two weeks like this! With his late in day arrival, he went to sleep with only the happiest dreams to come.

But an odd thing happened the next morning. Instead of waking up in his room, he awoke on the beach. Instead of having the body of the muscular man he swapped with the previous evening, he now had the body of a gorgeous woman. This didn’t make any sense. You didn’t swap multiple times on Exchange Island; it happened once on arrival (and back to normal on departure). Why did he swap again? James was worried. Something had to be wrong...


  1. Funny even the great effected people who were on exchange island the first switch was reversible the second was permanent James left the island in this sex body also finding out she was a rich eye candy wife was a bonus for James now going by the name of Susan as the limo pulled up to the pier to pick her up.