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Saturday, October 26, 2019

New Floor

The bright flash of The Great Shift hit Andrew like a ton of bricks as he fell to the dirty floor he had been trying to clean. When he awoke several moments he later, he held his throbbing head. His vision was also blurry. The first thing he noticed was the floor. It was clean, not like the filthy floors where he worked as a janitor. Maybe someone had brought him to the hospital after his collapse? But why would they leave him on the floor of a hospital?

The next thing that he noticed was the fact that he was no longer wearing his coveralls. But not just that, the clothes he was wearing were clearly not his. In fact, this quickly lead him to his next revelation, that his entire body wasn’t his own. He had to be half of the weight he previously was. He was a slender woman now, and he was at a gym! But why did he swap bodies with her? He assumed she must have a good life. The women at this gym never seemed to work. Maybe her husband was rich? Maybe he shouldn’t tell anyone the truth about who he really was? Maybe he should just live her life instead of his own pathetic one...

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