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Wednesday, October 30, 2019


When Katie told her boyfriend Martin that she didn’t want to get dressed up, he probably should’ve listened. He kept pressing the issue the entire month of October.

One day, he arrived at their apartment with a blunt statement. “I bought you a costume,” He said.

“But I kept telling you --”

"It's not even that much of a costume. It’s not scary or anything, but, come on, at least it’s something.”

He opened the box to show her and she rolled her eyes. “Really?” She asked, “Alicia Silverstone from Clueless? If you like this costume so much, why don’t you wear it?”

“Oh, come on, I’d never fit in it --” Martin was abruptly cut off by a pain throughout his body. It began to rearrange and transform into a female form. To top it all off, his outfit change into the very thing he was pressuring his girlfriend to wear.

“What the hell?” Martin asked confused.

“If you must know,” Katie smiled, “I hate Halloween because I’m a witch. The way we’re stereotyped on this day, it’s just terrible. I figured a fitting punishment for your pressuring would be to give you that form until the end of Halloween. At least, I think that’s when you’ll return to normal...”

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