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Friday, October 4, 2019

Life Saving (Part 2)

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In the following weeks Seth was confined to his hospital room. He could sit up, but standing was a whole different matter. The doctors told him his recovery was likely worse due to the fact that his brain had to be transplanted twice and due to any damages caused by his brain being rejected by the first body, though Seth was still expected to make a full recovery over time. All this meant hour after hour day after day of being stuck with this unfamiliar body and not much else to do but notice all the differences from his own. One day, he’d focus on the fact that he now had breasts. The next, it might be the long hair coming from his head. He’d imagine cutting it short the minute he left the hospital.

He asked the doctors about getting another transplant, about getting the type of body he was supposed to get, but they said it was out of the question. The risk was just too high for another rejection...and that was if his brain could even survive another transplant, which they thought unlikely. Seth sighed. He guess he was just going to have to get used to this...

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