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Thursday, January 2, 2020

Charter Flight

Jack had been flying private charter planes for a decade now. He was most recently hired to fly a rich playboy from New York to DC. The spoiled brat boarded with several scantily clad models hanging off his arms. Jack hid his annoyance and kept a professional attitude. About halfway through the flight a strange flash appeared on the horizon. Jack suddenly found himself in the passenger area with no explanation. He didn’t care why, he just rushed to the cockpit in order to take control of the plane. He then proceeded to make an emergency landing at the nearest airstrip.

With his heart pounding and adrenaline racing, he didn’t even notice what had happened to him as a result of the flash. He had swapped bodies with one of the models. As he stepped off the plane in her skimpy outfit, the discomfort of his new body was hitting him all at once along with the sheer confusion of how this could have even happened.

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  1. Nice one. Starting the new Year on a run. More please.