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Wednesday, January 22, 2020


Eugene sat on the couch fidgeting with his fingers nervously. “Have you figured it out yet?” He asked looking over to see his former body hunched over a computer.

“I have no idea how you organized any of this,” Elisa retorted, “I’m still amazed by how much I do understand.”

“That’s because when we swapped bodies with my device, there must have been something I missed in the code that didn’t swap my genius along with everything else. You’re going to be the only one who can fix those errors that are stopping us from swapping back.”

Eugene hadn’t meant to activate his device; he hadn’t meant to swap bodies with the trophy wife of his biggest investor; he certainly didn’t mean to leave pieces of his intelligence behind thanks to a few bugs in the code. Now his only hope to swap back was if Elisa could figure out how to get the devices to properly activate again before her husband arrived.

A few minutes passed before Elisa sighed, “I need more time.”

“What do you mean? We have to swap back now!”

“You spent YEARS building and writing this. You still have all your memories, but none of the intellectual know-how to apply them. I have your knowledge that will allow me to figure it out, but reviewing all of it to understand it is going to take some work.”

“But your husband will be here any minute!”

“We’ll have to pretend to be each other until I can get this up and running again. It should be easy. I have a lot of your knowledge, but based on what I can see in the output of the devices, you should also have a lot of mine -- fashion sense, muscle memory for makeup, how to accessorize...”

Eugene groaned. Despite knowing she was right, he didn’t want to live her life.

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