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Monday, January 20, 2020

Perfect Storm

There had been a storm outside, one of the worst Jeff had ever seen. He didn’t think much until a bright light and a loud crash struck his house. The power went out. He reached around in the dark only to discover everything had been moved around. He quickly realized he wasn’t in his own house, and -- even weirder -- he didn’t even seem to be in his own body. In the darkness, through touch alone, he realized he was now a woman. He looked for her phone, but the battery seemed to dead. It seemed far too dangerous to venture out, so he just did his best to try and get some sleep.

Forgetting the events of the night before, he woke up once again shocked by his new body. The power was still out but the water seemed to be working, so he did his best to clean up and change clothes. It as weird digging through someone else’s wardrobe -- particularly a woman’s -- but he finally settled on something he felt he wouldn’t be too uncomfortable wearing. As he stepped out on the back porch, he saw the storm had cleared. If he could find her car keys inside, maybe he could venture out? Perhaps he could figure out what was going on, or maybe even figure out how a bolt of lightning seemingly swapped him into someone else’s body.

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