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Thursday, January 30, 2020

Friends (Part 1)

Having a friend like Erin sure made life interesting; she actually knew real life magic! She usually used it for small things that didn’t make much difference, but she last night she had gotten drunk with her friends and decided to truly impress them. In a truly epic display of power, she swapped their bodies. Max and Franklin were now in each other’s bodies, and so were Jason and Julia. They had all agreed to stay like this for a week. Jason was a little skeptical, but Erin assured him that the spell worked in a way where he’d maintain all of Julia’s basic abilities. And sure enough when he tried putting makeup on the next morning, he not only did so effortlessly, but it looked absolutely perfect. It was so weird seeing Julia’s face in the mirror and knowing that it would be his for the next week. Being a woman was already an interesting experience, but he didn’t want to stay like this! He was already itching to return to normal.

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