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Thursday, January 16, 2020

Open (Part 5)

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Months later, Marcus returned to the hospital for one of his sessions with a counselor. He had been previously seeing an old guy named Doctor Holmes, but he was pleasantly surprised to be meeting with a young woman this time. She made a note on her clipboard that Marcus was wearing feminine clothes but he sat in a rather masculine manner with his legs spread.

“I’m wondering if you could talk about your gender today, Marcus. Did Doctor Holmes ever ask about how you felt about that?” The woman

“I would always tell him how amazing this body feels, but I don’t think he ever asked about it specifically. And you can call me Misty.”

“You decided to call yourself Misty?”

“Yeah, this chick’s name was Michelle, but that felt too stuffy.”

“Is there something wrong with stuffy?”

“I mean, if you got it, flaunt it! And I got it! C’mon, you know, right? Wearing some low cut tops and high heels, it just fels sexy! I never felt this good before in my life!”


  1. yes, get those legs together, maybe crossed, dangling a heel.

  2. oh my gosh yes!! I love this series. Very curious to know about the therapist, I like the allusion to another potential swap there.