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Friday, January 3, 2020


Jackson walked out onto the stage nervously as the spotlight shone brightly on him. He could feel the heat of it on his bare shoulders. It was effortless to stand on the tips of his toes thanks to swapping bodies with Angela. He had her body’s athleticism, so this sort of thing was no problem. Before she went on stage, she told him that he should be able to do the entire routine on muscle memory. To just listen to the music start and her body would know what to do. However, the music started and Jackson was frozen. In hindsight, it seemed insane. Just because he swapped bodies with Angela and he could pull off all of her moves didn’t mean he’d be able to do a complicated choreography routine on instinct. He was sure this would be ruining her career. He had begged her to call in sick or fake an injury after the swap, but she was so sure this would work.

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