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Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Lose Yourself to Dance

As soon as dance class was over, James came back to the field. He hadn’t even bothered changing clothes. The football team wasn’t outside practicing, which meant Coach was probably humiliating them inside after a someone on the team screwed up the drills. James could only assume it was Alicia in his body that had screwed it up for everyone. He had tried to fill her in as best as he could, but he had to explain in about an hour everything he had learned about football over the course of many years. Plus, it’s not like he did much better in her dance class! If they ever swapped back, her class would probably make fun of her to no end. “If,” He sighed aloud, thinking about what would happen if he was stuck in Alicia’s body forever. Would he start to get better at this whole ballet thing? Would he enjoy it? He shuddered. He had only agreed to go because otherwise Alicia said she’d skip his football practice. But what if was never going to get back to his own body? What good would all this be for? He tried not to think much more about it. He just hoped Coach would bring the team back out on the field and finish up soon enough, so he could figure out the next step with Alicia.

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