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Thursday, January 23, 2020

Knowledge (Part 2)

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Ultimately, Eugene realized he needed to give Elisa the time she needed to fix this mess, and he’d just have to cope in the meantime. Dealing with Elisa’s husband was the hardest part. He was a little too affectionate and handsy for Eugene’s liking, but fortunately, he also had some business affairs to take care of in Asia, so he only had to deal with that man for a few hours.

The next morning, Eugene woke up in Elisa’s big, comfy bed. He wasn’t expected to be anywhere, but getting ready felt like the right thing to do. When he started to put makeup on, he instinctively knew the colors that went best on his skin at this time of year. He couldn’t figure out which ones he knew the pick; he just did. It was effortless to apply as well -- as if his body had some innate muscle memory of it all. Having these types of skills was still so strange to him.

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