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Friday, January 24, 2020

Knowledge (Part 3)

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Eugene was a little surprised to hear the doorbell ring. He opened the door to find a fit, attractive man in workout clothes standing there. It was Elisa’s private yoga instructor that she had failed to mention. He changed as quickly as he could and proceeded to follow instructions. Eugene had always thought yoga was stupid, but he was feeling a strange sense of satisfaction doing poses with Elisa’s body. But it wasn’t just the poses that felt good, it also had something to do with staring at the Adonis instructing him. He attributed this to having Elisa’s hormones at first. He tried to remind himself that he loved his wife, but it felt more like a mechanical memory more than a true feeling. He then realized the love for his wife, much like his intelligence, was still with Elisa in his old body. Knowing his interactions with her husband yesterday, he suspected Elisa was probably a golddigger who didn’t really love her husband. Judging from his feelings today, he wondered if Elisa was having an affair with her yoga instructor.

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