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Monday, January 6, 2020

Super Important and Stuff

It seemed like a fascinating experiment. Joel had retired as a psychology professor ten years ago, but still read up on things going on at the local university. The latest experiment involved people swapping minds, and the school was looking for volunteers. Joel signed up, figuring as a nearly eighty year old man, he’d significantly mix up the participant pool, which would likely be mostly college students. They implanted a chip in Joel, and he was told it would be triggered at a later date. Once he swapped, he’d remember who he really was, but he would retain most of the personality and vital skills of the person he swapped with. Joel had so many questions, but he was told to save them for later.

It was a few days before the swap initiated, and suddenly Joel found himself in the middle of the football field during a game. His first thoughts were of the scientific impact of what just happened, but these thoughts soon faded. They just stopped seeming interesting to him as he instead decided to focus on how big he could smile for the crowd. He remembered participating in the experiment for its scientific value, but suddenly the extra cash he was going to get for it seemed much more important. Of course, he couldn’t focus on that right now, could he? He had to nail this cheer routine! It was, like, super important to him and stuff!

1 comment:

  1. LOL! OUCH poor girll. Wellwriitten, great use ofpic. Like the mental change aspects. Part 2? What if his body died with her inside.