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Saturday, October 24, 2020

City of Lovers

Paris is the city of lovers, and Mario had arrived just a few hours ago with his girlfriend, Lana, hoping to absorb the feeling. Unfortunately, not even the wonderful city of Paris was immune to the effects of the Great Shift. Mario soon found himself lost, swapped into the body of a random French woman.

Lana knew the city and the language better than him. He was mostly walking the streets alone, struggling with the high heels on his feet. Most people were too panicked to help him, or simply couldn’t or refused to speak English in order to do so. 

As the hours passed and people calmed down, a few guys (or maybe women now in guys’ bodies) seemed more willing to help. However, it seemed they were more interested in helping themselves make a love connection with Mario’s now gorgeous body than helping him find his girlfriend or hotel. 

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