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Sunday, October 4, 2020


Paul and Claire tried to make their relationship work after the Great Shift, even though they were now both in the bodies of women. Paul still felt like he was attracted to women, and Claire had always considered herself a little bisexual, so they assumed it would work. 

As time passed, Paul was still fairly committed. He certainly realized he was now attracted to men as well, and more than a little curious about experimenting with one, he knew he still loved Claire. On the other hand, Claire, despite knowing how attractive Paul’s female body was, realized she just wasn’t interested. Her current body’s hormones seemed interested in men exclusively; though she certainly gave the relationship with Paul her best efforts.

Eventually, Paul moved out. He realized he didn’t own much; most of it could fit in a suitcase. Even most of the clothes he wore had been borrowed from Claire with just a few outfits he bought himself sprinkled in. Luckily, she let him keep a few. He realized he was starting a new life on his own. He could be anyone he wanted, go anywhere, do anything. In a way, he finally felt an odd sense of freedom.

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