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Monday, October 19, 2020


Professor Wilson Reynolds had students fall asleep in his lectures before, but a classmate did usually wake them up when it was time to leave. To say that Wilson was a little annoyed by the young woman slightly snoring in the back long after everyone had left the room would be an understatement. He walked behind her seat quietly and kicked. Just as he did so, he felt a jolt like he was waking up from a dream. He realized he was now sitting down in the seat he had just kicked; he was somehow now the body of his own student.

Despite his panic, the student in his body was even more broken up. She ran out of the room crying; Wilson was nowhere near fast enough to catch up. He strolled calmly back into the classroom. A new group of students would be filtering in soon, and he’d have to give his lecture despite having the body of this slacker.

His biggest concern was if the students would take him seriously. it was early in the semester, so most probably didn’t know him -- though he did have a bit of a reputation. Even still, he’d imagine it might be hard seeing a woman no older than they were giving a lecture on advanced physics.

It seemed, however, that most of the next class didn’t even show up. The swap didn’t just swap Professor Reynolds and a student, the entire school had been swapped around. People were panicking, and no one was going to class.

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