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Thursday, October 15, 2020


Today was supposed to be the happiest day of Stephen’s life -- the day he married Melissa, the woman he had been dating for nearly five years and proposed to last year. But a few weeks ago, a strange accident caused him to swap bodies with Melissa’s sister, Alana. Both he and Alana decided to keep the swap quiet; they hoped they could find a way to get back to their own bodies. As the wedding grew closer, they were both becoming resigned to the fact that may not happen. They knew canceling the wedding would break Melissa’s heart. Revealing the truth and having Stephen go through with the wedding in Alana’s body seemed out of the question; it would be be one thing to convince Melissa of the truth, but a whole other to not perceive the whole thing as two sisters marrying each other.

So they decided to continue lying. Alana would continue to pretend to be Stephen as long as was needed. She loved her sister well enough to work through any awkwardness, and Stephen loved Melissa enough to realize she deserved every happiness. Being in Alana’s body was still awkward for Stephen, but getting all dressed up for a fancy wedding as a woman was even wilder than he expected. He knew watching Melissa get married was going to be the hardest thing he ever had to do, and he knew living Alana’s life from this point forward was probably going to be the second hardest. But he was thankful that he knew Melissa would still be in his life in some capacity now that he was her sister, and he still help onto the hope he’d find a way to swap back...someday.


  1. How it happen was a mysterious at best, how to hand it is even hard than the change.

  2. extremely well written & touching emoionally