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Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Organized Chaos

When the Great Shift happened, Greg would’ve likely appreciated a moment to truly gather himself. He barely registered that he now had a body that was not his own when he realized he was also standing in front of a crowd with a microphone in his hand. It seemed everyone in the crowd had also swapped bodies, and the responsibility to calm them was in his hand.

“I know this is probably pretty scary for everyone,” Greg said before he even paused to swallow or acknowledge how high pitched his voice sounded, “But we should probably all be calm. I know I’m not in my own body right now, as I’m guessing most of you aren’t either.” Greg paused again to push long hair out of his face -- something he was certainly not used to, “I think I’m just saying don’t blame each other, and don’t panic. Try to find some way to identify who you were, and if you can find your former body, try to coordinate.”

Greg spoke for about twenty minutes, and it resulted in one of the most organized moments of chaos amidst the Shift. It wasn’t until he finished speaking that Greg truly noticed his new body aside from the small inconveniences that were getting in the way as he spoke. He was now a woman of Asian descent. The clothes he wore were tight and revealing; he couldn’t imagine the shorts he wore being any tighter. He had no purse that he could find, but he presumed someone had to know this body, as she had been on some sort of a stage holding the microphone he ended up using. He just had to figure it all out.

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