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Monday, October 5, 2020

The Wedding

The Great Shift took place only two months before Walter and Laura’s wedding. While Laura ended up in Walter’s body, Walter ended up the body of a woman they didn’t know -- and couldn’t seem to identify. Despite the craziness of the world and their now new bodies, the couple decided to go through with the wedding regardless. A few plans needed to be changed, such as getting Laura’s dress altered to fit Walter’s new body. But as the ceremony grew closer, Laura and Walter realized something else’s about Walter’s new body -- it was pregnant.

It meant Laura’s dress would need to be altered once again, and Walter felt more than a little nervous about giving birth in a few months. Before the Great Shift happened, they had talked about trying to start a family after the wedding. Now it seems that it was going to happen a little bit sooner than either of them would have anticipated; and of course, neither would’ve expected it would be Walter the one giving birth.

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