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Tuesday, October 20, 2020

The Universe Is Collapsing

Doctor Bradley Ramirez had hoped the collider he had invented would unlock the mysteries of the universe. Instead, he was afraid that he accidentally doomed the world instead. After his first test, things around his lab started going missing. Then he’d find things in odd places -- like his computer mouse randomly being in the toaster. Then things got weirder as he noticed the words of a book printed on the inside of his toilet. The evidence was starting to be undeniable -- the world was collapsing in on itself. Nothing was truly disappearing, but things were being merged. Just as he hoped to bunker down to fix it, he too was merged. Luckily, it was with another human. He was lounging on a beach thousands of miles from his lab in a bikini. He had a woman’s body, but he was still himself on the inside. Before, he could even think, he was merged again. This time he still had on the bikini, but also a coat and snowboots. He was on a mountain somewhere, and still certainly a woman. This was driving him crazy. He couldn’t fix anything if he couldn’t stay in one spot! He also realized at any moment, he could be the one to lose his mind in a merge. He theorized the world had little more than 24 hours left.

But the oddest thing happened next. The merging slowly stopped. Sure, there were a few people like Bradley, in the wrong body, and other odd sights, like a bear with plants growing out of its back. But things had stabilized. Bradley was sure he had the time now to fix things, maybe even reverse things. But he worried about trying again. Could he make things worse?

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