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Sunday, October 25, 2020


With no doubts in her mind about it, Johanna absolutely hated the results of the Great Shift. She had been a personal trainer before the Shift, but she lost all of her clients once they saw her new body; Johanna had swapped into the body of an overweight woman. Her boyfriend, Sven, offered to help her out. He too was a personal trainer, and, coincidentally enough, swapped into Johanna’s old body. Working out with Sven was difficult. She couldn’t push her new body in the ways she was used to, an Sven always asked for more from her as well. Despite giving it her all, she never seemed to lose any weight either! It only got worse a few weeks later when Sven decided to break up with her. He told Johanna he found himself much less attracted to women now that he was one himself, but Johanna was convinced he simply wasn’t interested in larger women like her! He did, however, to stay on as her trainer. She wanted to cry. It felt like her entire world was falling apart.

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