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Friday, October 2, 2020

Day Trip Through Time

“Is this safe?” Norma nervously asked her husband, Al.

“If my invention works as it should,” Al explained, “Your mind will travel fifty years into the future. You’ll inhabit someone else’s body for a day, then you’ll return. For me, it’ll feel like no time has gone by, but for you, well, you’ll be able to tell me all about your day trip to the future! Should we get started?”

Norma nodded. Al pressed the button.

“Did it work?” Al asked.

Norma took a moment to respond. When she did, she seemed to be speaking with a Brooklyn accident. “Did what work? What the f*ck is wrong with my voice? Why do I have f*cking tits? What the f*ck did you do to me? Where am I?”

Al quickly realized his miscalculation. Instead of sending his wife’s mind into the future for a day, he captured a mind from the future which was now inhabiting his wife’s body -- and he certainly hoped it would only be for a day! Calming the man down was no easy feat -- he was certainly not happy about being a woman -- but Al eventually managed to explain the situation. The man seemed skeptical, but he figured he could survive one day in the past as a woman.

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