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Saturday, October 31, 2020

Get Back Home (Part 4)

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Kyle didn’t know what else to do but ring the buzzer on his apartment. The door was unlocked without a word spoken over the intercom. He walked up three flights of stairs to see his own body in the hallway.

“Oh, thank God,” Kyle said before explaining everything about how he obviously swapped bodies, how he made it way back, and so on.

“I guess I’m sympathetic,” His own body replied, “But swapping bodies? I think I’d know if I wasn’t me. But do you need me to refer you to a shelter or a psychiatrist or something?”

Kyle was outraged, but he didn’t have the words. He knew he was who he was; why was the woman in his body playing him like this? And what could he say? Anyone who saw them surely wouldn’t believe him. Body swapping was something completely unheard of -- at least until it happened to Kyle this morning.

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