Saturday, January 25, 2020

Knowledge (Part 4)

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Eugene did his best to contain himself around the yoga instructor, and decided to spend the afternoon lounging by the mansion’s pool. He realized how much he was enjoying Elisa’s life. In fact, if he wasn’t grossed out so much by her husband, he really wouldn’t care if they never swapped back. A part of him began to worry. He was sure the disgust he felt at being touched by her husband was something Elisa had felt as well. If she truly hated her own husband, she might never want to switch back, leaving him to be the one in her body married to him. That couldn’t possibly be the case, could it? He tried not to think about it. Elisa’s husband wouldn’t even be back for a week, and maybe this would all be worked out before then...

Friday, January 24, 2020

Knowledge (Part 3)

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Eugene was a little surprised to hear the doorbell ring. He opened the door to find a fit, attractive man in workout clothes standing there. It was Elisa’s private yoga instructor that she had failed to mention. He changed as quickly as he could and proceeded to follow instructions. Eugene had always thought yoga was stupid, but he was feeling a strange sense of satisfaction doing poses with Elisa’s body. But it wasn’t just the poses that felt good, it also had something to do with staring at the Adonis instructing him. He attributed this to having Elisa’s hormones at first. He tried to remind himself that he loved his wife, but it felt more like a mechanical memory more than a true feeling. He then realized the love for his wife, much like his intelligence, was still with Elisa in his old body. Knowing his interactions with her husband yesterday, he suspected Elisa was probably a golddigger who didn’t really love her husband. Judging from his feelings today, he wondered if Elisa was having an affair with her yoga instructor.

Thursday, January 23, 2020

Knowledge (Part 2)

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Ultimately, Eugene realized he needed to give Elisa the time she needed to fix this mess, and he’d just have to cope in the meantime. Dealing with Elisa’s husband was the hardest part. He was a little too affectionate and handsy for Eugene’s liking, but fortunately, he also had some business affairs to take care of in Asia, so he only had to deal with that man for a few hours.

The next morning, Eugene woke up in Elisa’s big, comfy bed. He wasn’t expected to be anywhere, but getting ready felt like the right thing to do. When he started to put makeup on, he instinctively knew the colors that went best on his skin at this time of year. He couldn’t figure out which ones he knew the pick; he just did. It was effortless to apply as well -- as if his body had some innate muscle memory of it all. Having these types of skills was still so strange to him.

Wednesday, January 22, 2020


Eugene sat on the couch fidgeting with his fingers nervously. “Have you figured it out yet?” He asked looking over to see his former body hunched over a computer.

“I have no idea how you organized any of this,” Elisa retorted, “I’m still amazed by how much I do understand.”

“That’s because when we swapped bodies with my device, there must have been something I missed in the code that didn’t swap my genius along with everything else. You’re going to be the only one who can fix those errors that are stopping us from swapping back.”

Eugene hadn’t meant to activate his device; he hadn’t meant to swap bodies with the trophy wife of his biggest investor; he certainly didn’t mean to leave pieces of his intelligence behind thanks to a few bugs in the code. Now his only hope to swap back was if Elisa could figure out how to get the devices to properly activate again before her husband arrived.

A few minutes passed before Elisa sighed, “I need more time.”

“What do you mean? We have to swap back now!”

“You spent YEARS building and writing this. You still have all your memories, but none of the intellectual know-how to apply them. I have your knowledge that will allow me to figure it out, but reviewing all of it to understand it is going to take some work.”

“But your husband will be here any minute!”

“We’ll have to pretend to be each other until I can get this up and running again. It should be easy. I have a lot of your knowledge, but based on what I can see in the output of the devices, you should also have a lot of mine -- fashion sense, muscle memory for makeup, how to accessorize...”

Eugene groaned. Despite knowing she was right, he didn’t want to live her life.

Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Lose Yourself to Dance

As soon as dance class was over, James came back to the field. He hadn’t even bothered changing clothes. The football team wasn’t outside practicing, which meant Coach was probably humiliating them inside after a someone on the team screwed up the drills. James could only assume it was Alicia in his body that had screwed it up for everyone. He had tried to fill her in as best as he could, but he had to explain in about an hour everything he had learned about football over the course of many years. Plus, it’s not like he did much better in her dance class! If they ever swapped back, her class would probably make fun of her to no end. “If,” He sighed aloud, thinking about what would happen if he was stuck in Alicia’s body forever. Would he start to get better at this whole ballet thing? Would he enjoy it? He shuddered. He had only agreed to go because otherwise Alicia said she’d skip his football practice. But what if was never going to get back to his own body? What good would all this be for? He tried not to think much more about it. He just hoped Coach would bring the team back out on the field and finish up soon enough, so he could figure out the next step with Alicia.

Monday, January 20, 2020

Perfect Storm

There had been a storm outside, one of the worst Jeff had ever seen. He didn’t think much until a bright light and a loud crash struck his house. The power went out. He reached around in the dark only to discover everything had been moved around. He quickly realized he wasn’t in his own house, and -- even weirder -- he didn’t even seem to be in his own body. In the darkness, through touch alone, he realized he was now a woman. He looked for her phone, but the battery seemed to dead. It seemed far too dangerous to venture out, so he just did his best to try and get some sleep.

Forgetting the events of the night before, he woke up once again shocked by his new body. The power was still out but the water seemed to be working, so he did his best to clean up and change clothes. It as weird digging through someone else’s wardrobe -- particularly a woman’s -- but he finally settled on something he felt he wouldn’t be too uncomfortable wearing. As he stepped out on the back porch, he saw the storm had cleared. If he could find her car keys inside, maybe he could venture out? Perhaps he could figure out what was going on, or maybe even figure out how a bolt of lightning seemingly swapped him into someone else’s body.

Sunday, January 19, 2020

Slow Down

“Do you have to walk so fast?” Rebecca complained as she asked Thomas to slow down.

“You said this guy might know how to reserve this body swap,” Thomas replied as he turned back with a scornful look, “Quite frankly, I can’t get there fast enough.” He paused before continuing, “I should be the one lagging. You always tell me how hard these heels are to walk in, but I’m powering through the pain with no problem. You should be in just as much of a hurry as I am.”

Rebecca sunk a little bit further back after hearing Thomas respond. She wasn’t sure this guy could even help them, and she hadn’t even explained that it was her fault they had swapped bodies in the first place. Maybe he never needed to know; maybe they could just get through this and laugh about it later...