Saturday, October 10, 2020

HR (Part 1)

“Do we really have to do this? This is ridiculous,” John complained as he sat in the HR office.

“It’s how sensitivity training is working this year, John. Everyone draws a name from this pile and swaps bodies for a week with the person whose name is on the card. Do you honestly think I’d be sitting here in Marcia’s body if I had a choice?” Howard explained.

John grumbled as he reluctantly drew a card and read it, “Carmela Diaz? Who the hell is that?”

“She works the late night cleaning shift. You might’ve seen her when you get in at 9AM as she’s leaving. Should be an interesting week for you.”

Friday, October 9, 2020

Boyfriend (Part 2)

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Julie looked all over for Marc, and she eventually found him down by the lake. He didn’t seem particularly happy to see her.

“What the hell, Jules?” He asked her. She immediately knew he was referring to the dress she was wearing.

“I didn’t have a choice! I had to come looking for you!” She replied.

“And you didn’t think, ‘Hey, let me find some clothes first to not make Marc look like an idiot?’ I’ve just been here the entire time; I didn’t want to make YOU look bad.”

“I’m sorry. I’m sorry. So then we should switch clothes or something?”

Marc’s heart sank. It was one thing for Julie to be running around his body wearing a dress. Yeah, that was embarrassing. But switching clothes meant that he was going to actually be wearing a dress. He wasn’t sure he could ever live that down -- even though no one else would really know. He knew he looked like Julie right now, so he should probably dressing like her anyway. Plus, it would get Julie out of that dress and into something less humiliating. He just wanted to be back in his own body and not have to think about any of this mess.

Thursday, October 8, 2020

Boyfriend (Part 1)

Julie was scared. She had no idea what was happening to her. All she feel were sharp pains and her dress was getting tighter. By the time the pain stopped, she was glad she hadn’t burst out of her dress. She also couldn’t help but notice her now muscular chest and hairy legs. She had a man’s body! She rushed to a mirror to discover she wasn’t just any man; she had become her boyfriend, Marc.

She knew she had to go find him to try to figure out what had just happened, but she was also sure Marc would be very upset to have people see him out dressed like this. She knew there wasn’t much choice; she wasn’t at home where she could change. It was going to have to be a risk she had to take!

Wednesday, October 7, 2020


John looked back to see his own body dead and floating in the pool. He supposed he could call an ambulance, but he paused for a moment to think about what had happened. He was a good swimmer; there was no reason why he suddenly started to drown. It was like he just forgot for a moment, then everything the flashed. The next thing he knew, he was standing at the edge of the pool, watching his former body drown. But he was doing it from another body -- a woman’s body. He could remember everything about himself -- about being John -- but he also realized he had forgotten one thing; he had forgotten how to swim. He knew he used to know, but the knowledge just didn’t seem to transfer to this new body.

And so he slowly continued out of the pool and called for help. He pretending to not have any connection to his former body. Heck, he didn’t know much about his new body, so it probably wasn’t a lie. There were going to be a lot of questions, and John needed to start finding answers.

Tuesday, October 6, 2020

Family Therapy

“This is the dumbest family therapy session Mom has ever signed us up for.” Kevin whined to his sister, “Swapping bodies with each other for an entire week? Who came up that? I can’t believe I’m stuck as you, Crystal. Do you even know what I just had to go through?”

“Yeah, Kevin,” Crystal retorted calmly, “I’m fully aware of my cycles, and you know I have to go through that every month, right?”

“Ugh, it’s gross.”

“Well, I’m not exactly happy being in Mom’s older body either, but I think I’m also picking up parts of her personality. I feel calmer, wiser, more patient -- and I think you might be picking up some of my bitchiness. God, I can’t believe I’m admitting that about myself.”

“I’m bitchy because I’m experiencing PMS for the first time, Crystal. It sucks.”

Monday, October 5, 2020

The Wedding

The Great Shift took place only two months before Walter and Laura’s wedding. While Laura ended up in Walter’s body, Walter ended up the body of a woman they didn’t know -- and couldn’t seem to identify. Despite the craziness of the world and their now new bodies, the couple decided to go through with the wedding regardless. A few plans needed to be changed, such as getting Laura’s dress altered to fit Walter’s new body. But as the ceremony grew closer, Laura and Walter realized something else’s about Walter’s new body -- it was pregnant.

It meant Laura’s dress would need to be altered once again, and Walter felt more than a little nervous about giving birth in a few months. Before the Great Shift happened, they had talked about trying to start a family after the wedding. Now it seems that it was going to happen a little bit sooner than either of them would have anticipated; and of course, neither would’ve expected it would be Walter the one giving birth.

Sunday, October 4, 2020


Paul and Claire tried to make their relationship work after the Great Shift, even though they were now both in the bodies of women. Paul still felt like he was attracted to women, and Claire had always considered herself a little bisexual, so they assumed it would work. 

As time passed, Paul was still fairly committed. He certainly realized he was now attracted to men as well, and more than a little curious about experimenting with one, he knew he still loved Claire. On the other hand, Claire, despite knowing how attractive Paul’s female body was, realized she just wasn’t interested. Her current body’s hormones seemed interested in men exclusively; though she certainly gave the relationship with Paul her best efforts.

Eventually, Paul moved out. He realized he didn’t own much; most of it could fit in a suitcase. Even most of the clothes he wore had been borrowed from Claire with just a few outfits he bought himself sprinkled in. Luckily, she let him keep a few. He realized he was starting a new life on his own. He could be anyone he wanted, go anywhere, do anything. In a way, he finally felt an odd sense of freedom.