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Tuesday, October 18, 2022

Greater Good

The experiments had been going so well. It didn’t matter that the university had stripped him of his position and funding, Lawrence had been sure his research would pay off soon. He was moments away from a breakthrough when he began to have a heart attack. He called for his assistant, Bri. She reached for a phone to call for help, but Lawrence reached for a lever. The lab went dark.

A few hours later Lawrence looked down at his now thin hands as they wheeled his former body away. He felt bad about stealing Bri’s body, sure, but it was for the greater good. If he had died, so much of his work would have died with him, but now that he was young again? He could pick up right where he left off! And it’s not like Bri was completely gone; he had backed up her on a hard drive before downloading his own thoughts into her body. Despite the distractions of now being a woman, Lawrence was set on getting back to work. However, despite being so close, he realized he made one fatal flaw; the transferance of his thoughts into Bri’s body had not been total. Things had been left behind, and he couldn’t remember where he left off or how to continue. But he had succeeded once; after all, being Bri was evidence of that! He had invented immortality! How hard could it be to re-create it!?

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