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Monday, October 17, 2022

Last Customer

Eric was sure he’d have to look for a new job soon. It was the third nice this week he had tended bar with absolutely no customers. This place was sure to close down, and he’d be out of work. It was nearly closing time before he got his first customer, a pretty woman in a red dress. She ordered a few shots, downed them quickly, and glared at Eric as if she expected him to say more than how much she owed.

And then suddenly, Eric’s world was spinning around. He took two steps back in shock seeing his own face. His balance was off because he realized he was now drunk and his shoes felt weird.

“What the hell?” He muttered with a feminine voice.

“I’m sorry,” His own voice explained, “I just couldn’t take being famous anymore. You were the first person in weeks who didn’t seem to recognize or fawn over me, so you were perfect to swap bodies with.”

“Swap bodies?” Eric asked as he looked down to see the red dress, “I’m you? And you’re famous? I’m famous? I don’t know if I know how to be famous! What if I don’t want to be you?”

“You’ll learn. It’s too late to anything about it anyway. It’s irreversable.”