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Wednesday, October 19, 2022

The Creep

Jennifer awoke in a strange home. She was worried that creep she met at the bar the night before had drugged her, but she clearly remembered going home and falling asleep in her own bed. It wasn’t until she came across the mirror that the true horror of her situation came into focus. The reflection wasn’t her own; it was that of the guy from the night before, the creep who seemed to have be weirdly obsessed with her. She was in his body now for some reason. But that wasn’tthe scary part.

If she was in his body, that could only mean he was now in hers! The thought of this made her stomach twist into knots. He’d was probably already doing all sorts of humiliating things with her body, and she’d have to be the one to call him, ask to meet up, and sort this out. The other possibility seemed even worse. That her own body was going on like nothing was wrong. Then she’d have to call up as this creep and try to explain everything. She can’t imagine she’d want to get a call from this guy. She probably wouldn’t even have to time to explain why he had her number before being blocked. None of this was going to turn out well, no matter what was going on here.

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