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Saturday, October 29, 2022

Weak (Part 3)

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With the war over and new technology taken from the defeated aliens, humanity found itself entering a new age of peace and prosperity. Space travel developed and new worlds were discovered and poverty and crime were nearly elimated back on Earth.

Not everything was perfect, however. Like many, Frank (who now went by Frankie to better fit the fact that he was now a she) had some struggles adapting to his new situation. She often felt the discrimination of people who only saw her as an alien, as an invader, due to her body. She was often turned down for roles she was qualified for, and ended up working as a waitress serving pizzas. Her tips were still lower than those who had human bodies and people shouted things like “green monster” behind her back. She tried to keep a low profile about her role in the war, but it wasn’t too long before a customer figured out who she was and her contributions.


  1. Why does your home page only have one caption at a time; it's really quite frustrating to have to constantly change the page? Could please fix this if possible? Additionally, most of your captions, almost all of them, don't have the images with them and so they're not really "captioned images". I know blogger and links sometimes take them off but if you could fix them, or replace them? I long time ago this was a favorite site of mine but now it's too much work to even view. I'm sorry for criticism, but I really do just be able to enjoy your work.

  2. It's meant to be a "one caption a day" type thing, so that's the home page. If you want to view more than one, click on 2022 on the right lower right side (then bookmark THAT link so you can see as many as 2022 at once as Blogger will show).

    Also, I just rebooted this blog, so everything from before a few days ago no longer exists. There's no way I could re-link it all back up without reuploading everything, and that would probably be YEARS of work (even deleting the old entries would probably take forever).

  3. Thank you. I get the daily thing now that makes sense and of course it would take ridiculously long to redo every caption. It's just even before the reboot the links weren't there and, as I said, it was frustrating mostly because it happens everywhere these days. Sorry if I came off aggressively I meant to just be factual (like everything on the internet is lol) It's good to see you back. You revamped your brain switching site, it looks a lot better, I did however notice that you stopped adding tags; it would be helpful as I prefer to know what the video is about. Thank you the response.

    1. Oh, yeah, the images were gone a LOOOONG time ago. I still have them somewhere, and maybe I will upload them somewhere at some point.

      I stopped posting tags with the videos on the other site just to make it a little easier on me.