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Saturday, October 22, 2022


It was only a few days after his eighteenth birthday when Greg got into a huge argument with his mom. She wanted him to go to college, but he wasn’t so sure. She told he could achieve what she couldn’t after she became a teenage mom when Greg was born. He yelled about how he wished she understood him better. He went to bed angry.

But he awoke feeling strange. When he realized why, he wanted to throw up. He was in his own mom’s body! He felt like hurling. But then a knock came on his door, and one of his little sisters, Emma, entered. Greg suddenly put on a smile.

“Is everything okay sweetie?” Greg asked.

He didn’t want to smile! He didn’t want to act motherly! He just couldn’t help it!

“I had an accident with the milk,” Emma said.

Greg didn’t want to be patient or to clean up Emma’s mess, but he had to do the motherly thing. It was only when he was alone that he could actually act like himself. That would make explaining this to anyone difficult!