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Friday, October 28, 2022

Weak (Part 2)

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Frank was keenly aware of how much more alert his alien body was to the world around him. He could instinctively tell who was really human and who was an alien swapped into a human’s body. He knew humanity wouldn’t trust him since he was inside this body, so he had to work alone.

At least at first.

As it turned out, Frank’s greatest influence may have been on his fellow humans still trapped aboard the spaceships swapped into the bodies of alien women. He inspired their escape; their revolt. It was a way to take the alien ships down from the inside, and it proved to be a pivotal turning point that resulted in humanity winning the war. The alien force retreated, leaving behind a great deal of technology, a few alien deserters, and many humans (like Frank) trapped in the bodies of alien women.

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