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Monday, October 24, 2022

Perfect Day

It was supposed to be the perfect wedding. In a way, Adam figured that was still technically true. Of course, he was supposed to be standing at the altar next to the bride instead of where he was, sitting in the pews wearing a fancy gown. Something had just happened the night before where he ended up waking up in the body of his bride-to-be’s sister. He thought about making noise or asking other people if they had swapped bodies as well. But no one else seemed to be mention being swapped nor were they acting oddly, so he just decided to do his best to be who he appeared to be. He expected it to be more difficult, yet he had no problem putting on makeup, getting into the gown, or walking in heels. Maybe some day, he’d figure out just how or why he swapped, or if anyone else swapped as well. But for now, he figured he’d just sit back and enjoy the day.

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