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Thursday, October 27, 2022

Weak (Part 1)

When the aliens landed, humanity didn’t know how to respond. They were taken aback when one of the aliens seemed to swap bodies with a man in order to communicate. They claimed to come in peace, but they were secretly swapping with thousands of humans to amass an army. They picked the biggest, strongest, and the healthiest, leaving those human trapped as alien females in cages on their ships.

Frank was one of those men now in an alien body trapped in a cage. He scoffed when the aliens called females of their own species ‘weak.’ He knew being strong was about more than physical strength or the body one had. He swiftly developed a plan to break out of a cage and steal an alien ray gun. He managed to escape the entire ship only to find the Earth plunged into war with the aliens on the surface. Those damn aliens were about to find out just how not ‘weak’ Frank was. It was ass-kicking time!

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