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Sunday, October 30, 2022

Weak (Part 4)

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Within a few weeks Frankie went from serving pizzas and making tips to modeling for fashion shoots and speaking on talk shows. She was a national hero who had turned the tides of the war, and many alien rights groups were happy to have her making many public appearances. Her life became downright glamorous, and she loved it.

Before one shoot, a makeup artist took note of two faint scars below her left eye. He explained to Frankie the latest technology could now completely get rid of those.

Frankie explained, “I know, but I don’t want to. They’re reminders. One I got in the war. It’s reminds me of the horror and the people we lost. The other this body had when I was swapped into it. I saw how the aliens treated their women. It’s a reminder that no one deserves to treated like that, that we are all equals, that no one should be subject to the status of a second-class citizen. We still have a lot to work on that regard, and can never become like they were. We must always do our best to rise above that”

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