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Tuesday, August 2, 2011


When Ryan Franks invented a body swapping machine, the power quickly went to his head. He found himself swapping and stealing all sorts of bodies. It was difficult to explain the crime to the cops and even more difficult for the lawyers to prosecute the case, but they eventually caught Ryan while he was in the body of Melissa Winslow. However, upon his arrest he refused to give up the body and did not tell a soul how his machine worked. Part of his plan was to tie up the legal system. Ms. Winslow was innocent--how would they justify keeping her body behind bars? Even if they overlooked that obstacle, would they put him in men’s prison or women’s prison? Even if they did lock him away for ten or twenty years for theft, he’d just get out and use his knowledge to steal a young body again. As they took his booking photo, he had to hold back his smirk.


  1. One of your BEST EVER captions my friend :) And what a body to steal :) I love serial swappers. Thank you!!