Thursday, August 18, 2011

The One (Part 1)

They say that when you meet “The One,” that you are inexplicably drawn to them. Howard felt that as he looked across the room. He saw her sitting on the railing. He didn’t know her name, but he felt instantly drawn to her. In fact, it was like he was moving without even lifting his feet off the ground. It was almost as if his soul was being sucked out of his body and zapped in her direction. Little did he know--little COULD he know--that this was exactly what was happening. The pieces of his soul left his body and gradually filled hers up. He suddenly felt in control of his motions again, only they weren’t his, they were hers! He lifted his new feminine arm in disbelief. He looked across the room at his old body. It looked like a zombie, lifeless. He wondered what happened to this woman’s soul? Maybe it was still with him, deep inside. He knew from the moment he met her that they were meant to be together, but he had no idea it would be like this!

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