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Friday, August 26, 2011


Kevin looked through the rusted fence to the shuttered building. That’s where it all happened five years ago. He was struggling for cash in a brutal economy, so he signed up for experiments at this medical facility. The first experiment he was subjected to was an experimental brain surgery, where his brain was essentially switched with another participant, a young woman named Cassie. Despite the surgery being a complete success, the lead doctor had reservations about switching the pair back to normal immediately, wanting to give them time to recover. The reversal surgery was scheduled for a month later, but Cassie got into a horrible accident. Kevin sued the company. It was a strange trial to say the least, but he ended up scoring a huge settlement. He had essentially lost his life, and he got financial compensation accordingly. The company couldn’t take the hit. Kevin reflected as he stared in; it was true justice.


  1. Hmm, and what's he complaining about? lol Has he checked his sexy ass reflection in the mirror recently? I'd happily kill for a body like that. Another wonderful caption, thank you :)