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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Second lap

If there was one thing running on the track taught Robert, it was that he wasn’t young anymore. He hadn’t even run very far, and he already felt winded. He stopped to rest with his hands on his knees, but then he suddenly got a strange second wind. It was like he was already in full stride. As he started to pull around for another lap, he saw something strange. It was his own body, still winded, on the side of the track. He looked down at his own body to see a feminine form in a pink shirt. He had swapped bodies with another runner--a woman much younger than himself and MUCH more fit! He continued to enjoy his new stamina and started the second lap.


  1. This is a fantastic caption and a great use of picture, I bet he loves being her body. But me thinks she won't like being in his, lol. Please tell me...what caused the swap? :)

  2. Original GS story & great use of pic