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Monday, August 15, 2011


As captain of the football team, Biff often found himself practicing harder and later than the other players. As he was leaving one night, he heard some strange chants coming from the library. He poked his head in to see one of those freaky goth chicks with her nose in a book. He was about to hurl out an insult, but felt a little dizzy before he had the chance. The next thing he knew, a strange text was before his eyes. He felt strange. Then he heard his own voice...

“It worked! I can’t believe it worked!”

Biff jumped up in rage, subconsciously putting his hands on his hips in a feminine manner, “Do you seriously think you can steal my body and get away with it? You can’t pull off being me! People will notice something’s wrong almost instantly!”

His own face simply smiled back, “I think I can manage.”


  1. LOL, Biff is such a jock name. Keep thinking of Back To The Future, haha. Great caption, though I think she's mad for giving up that body.

  2. excellent story & superb use of pic, from outfit & 'witch's peak' to make up! LOL! Biff being now wqy on the outside of the school admired list. One of your very best captions/pics!

    I suspect she will manage, but will she enjoy being pounded in football games?