Thursday, August 25, 2011

Middle of the road

As a car rushed passed Geoffrey’s face, he was shocked. What was a car doing inside? Then he quickly realized that the car wasn’t what was misplaced--Geoffrey was! He suddenly found himself in the middle of a very busy street. It was even weirder to be clad only in a skimpy pink bikini! Weirder still, however, was the cute, female body under that bikini, a body which was NOT Geoffrey’s! Another car rushed by, blowing blonde hair into his face. He started to panic. He didn’t know where he was; he didn’t even know WHO he was. The woman he now was had no ID and certainly no money on her. He had no idea how to even contact anyone he knew! He paused for a moment. These were bigger problems; the first thing he needed to do was get out of the middle of the road!


  1. Great use of picture :) What a cute body and a very lucky guy to end up inside it :)