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Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Jacob had taken a job as a cable repairman for very sinister reasons. He needed to try out his new invention--a body switching machine. He assumed no one would swap with him willingly, so he needed a cover in order to set up a bunch of technical equipment. As he stood on the stoop waiting for someone to answer the door, he got antsy about testing his invention. What if the person at this house was elderly? Would their frail body be able to handle the swap? What if they had a health condition? What if--

His thoughts were interrupted by the door opening. He stared at the two women before him. It appears his only worry would be which of the gorgeous ladies he should swap with. Would he want to be the short haired blonde in the bikini and jean shorts? Or the long haired blonde with the tight dress?


  1. One of your best!! :D I'd definitely be the long haired blonde in the tight dress ;) Hope she 'copes' with being in his body whoever he picks, haha!

  2. LOL! one of those poor girls will soon be very angry!

    Again thanks for continuing some of your multi parts!

  3. Would really like to see a follow-up on this!