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Saturday, August 13, 2011


Ever since Jorge proposed to Evelyn, he noticed a change. She was slowly turning into a Bridezilla. She was yelling at him all the time and so demanding. He was happy to get a bit of peace and quiet when she went off to try on wedding dresses. But in a quick flash as he turned his head, he saw his bride-to-be. But it wasn’t her, it was her reflection. He turned quickly, but she wasn’t behind him. Then it dawned on him--he had become Evelyn! He admired his new figure in the mirror, and then he smiled. If he was now Evelyn, that meant he was now the bride. He could be the demanding one now. The smile turned into a smirk and eventually a chuckle.


  1. there seams tobe a problem with the click link

  2. Yes, a problem with the click link, but still a nice caption :) I'd love to be in his heels ;)

  3. LOL! very witty, but aas theey say problem with clink link