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Tuesday, August 9, 2011


“I’m sorry, Caroline, I really am.” Marcus tried his best to console her, “When I was drafted, I really, really didn’t want to go. They gave me a week before reporting for duty, so I researched and discovered this weird body swapping spell in an old book at the library. As a woman--as you--they’ll never be able to draft me. If you make it back--when you make it back--I promise to give you your body back.”

Caroline could only stare at Marcus. She was so angry at him for stealing her body. As he was about to head off on the bus to go to basic training and inevitably war, she thought about running away, going to Canada. It wouldn’t be her good name in trouble, it would be Marcus’s. But if she was caught, would she ever convince Marcus to swap back with her?


  1. unavailable photo :(

  2. oui toutes les photo sont Hors Service :'(

  3. I will fix the problem later today....

  4. Thanks for fixing this caption, it was worth it :) I would have stolen her body too! Looks like Caroline is in quite the predicament :)