Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Groupie (Part 1)

Bruce had been working at the music venue for years. He had seen so many bands pass through here, but he was starting to get sick of all these younger, arrogant punks with no respect for the venue staff. He went to work these days often just for the paycheck, and no longer for the love of the music. One day during a performance, the electrical wires he was working with started to spark. He quickly tried to get out of there, but his older body couldn’t quite move fast enough. The sparks soon started to consume his body. He was sure that he would end up in the hospital, but instead he found himself in another part of the venue with similar sparks slowly starting to dissipate. He looked down to see two massive breasts! He had swapped bodies with some woman! He knew she wasn’t in one of the bands, and he knew she certainly wasn’t on staff. He must’ve swapped with a damn groupie!

1 comment:

  1. Damn lucky guy :D Wonderful caption, can't wait to see part two. Thanks!